Duc Hoa
                         pronouced    DOOK WAH
2nd Platoon

      74th Recon Airplane Co.    
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The 2nd Platoon sign in Duc Hoa
Our line shack

The Mess Hall
Sgt. Sokolowski and  Spec 5  Joe Groover

Our perimeter  - before the sandbags
Perimerter  -  about half completed

This sure beat the hell out of the tents at Phu Loi!
Our hooch was the 2nd from the bottom right - sandbags done

Our ramp from the rear
The airfield guards doing what they did best

Partial view of our ramp during the dry season
Minefield at end of ramp in front of French officers grave

Fairchild C123 preparing for take off C123 taking off

Huey refueling
Same with Chinook

 JW Inside the new building
Better view of our ramp

The loaded C123 is off in only about 600ft!
Co Thanh - our "hoochmaid" and her mom - doing laundry
with their feet -- on top of the counter top!!

lift off for the Chinook
Our new office built with  lot of "Rocket boxes"

inside view
Gary Tenbrook in front of the fan!

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