The following pics are from our 2008 reunion side trip to see Steve Noyes at the Plum Island Airport
Steve was gracious with his time for us - showing us around his hangar and these wonderful old birddogs.
A time not soon to be forgotten!

The Plum Island Airfield is the oldest continuous operating airfield in the United States

U.S. Army 01 in stateside Olive Drab colors

U.S. Army 01 in stateside colors

Look Close and you will see an 01 cabin in the fixture

Mr. Steve Noyes and his custom Search and Rescue 01

Steve answers a few questions from Leonard Charbeneau


The Photos below are from the 2008 reunion in Lowell, Mass., the hometown of Bill Grassi.

The reunion was held at the Courtyard by Marriot.
All the awsome food (tons of it!) was prepared and served by the wonderful Grassi family. 

Words to live by!

Our beautiful 2008 Reunion cake!

Our Unit Crest
74th Reconnasiance Airplane Company
Phu-Loi, Vietnam

Bill Barnhill, Jack Walters,  Earl Russell,  Bill Grassi,  Leonard  Charbeneau

Some of the memories we brought back from Vietnam

Bill & Joan Grassi,  Jack Walters,  Leonard & Terry Charbeneau

Out to dinner
Jack, Sue, Terry, Leonard, Earl

Taking pictures at breakfast in the hotel Prior to our departure

front left to right Bob Bowie, Lorinda DePalma Bowie

middle row L to R, Leonard Charbeneau, Cheryl Bowie Defusco, Eddie Defusco, Cameron Bowie

Back row L to R, Earl Russell holding Thom Bowie, Jack Walters

Cheryl Bowie Defusco is the widow of 1LT Thomas DePalma, KIA 74th RAC pilot

Lorinda DePalma Bowie is the daughter of Thom DePalma

Cameron and Thom are the children of Lorinda and Bob, grand children of Thomas DePalma

Bill Barnhill, Leonard Charbeneau, Bill Grassi, Earl Russell, Jack Walters

Jack Walters and 703 in 1966
2nd Platoon  Duc Hoa, South Vietnam