Tan An
2nd platoon

      74th Recon Airplane Co.    
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Our involment during our 3 month stay at Tan An
was to assist MACV Team 86 in their support of the ARVN
25th Div. activities.
The crew consisted of a pilot (Lt. Jim Beckley) a crewchief
(me) and aircraft, 2 weapons, and a tool bag!'
Occasionally, we would get hold of a case of "C"s.
For everything else we should need, we were on our own.
It was an exciting time.  Working with the SOG group was
a blast (those guys were CRAZY!)  Just before we left to go
back to Duc Hoa, they presented me with a M-2 Carbine.
I sure wish I still had it today!
PSP "ramp" of our make believe airfield. In reality it was
a stretch of widened out road about 600 useable ft long.

Our gas truck and pump.  The Air Force had this facility
put together because they had ONE Aircraft.
It seldom flew.
Go Figure.
Our Aircraft getting a 12 1/2 hour Oil change.  A close look
will reveal 8 rockets (all HE), and 2 night flares.
I took a sequencer from a Pod and wired it in to the Radio
panel  so all the pilot had to do was press the trigger on the
stick to alternately fire the tubes form side to side.
It proved to be a great elephant hunter!

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