Duc Hoa 2nd Platoon
      74th Recon Airplane Co.    
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Spec 5 Garza  with his pistol Gotta keep those M-79's  organized
Spec 5 Olivas Olivas with our new platoon Sgt Crutcher
Crutcher with Air Force Sgt. Nepper Gary Tenbrook listening to new tapes on my recorder - Akia M8
LT. Koppelmeyer reflecting?? A1E Skyraider off the carrier kitty Hawk  -  Came in to Duc Hoa
"gear up dead stick" ---  the carb heat had stuck.  The pilot "greased it on" and when the aircraft came to a stop in the middle of our runway, the canopy opened and the pilot calmly ask where the Officers Club was!  What a day that was!

Yours truly gettin' "touchy feely" with the A1E.
The damaged prop can be seen in the lower right.
Navy Mechanics preparing the A1E for transport back to ship.
A CH-54 did the deed!

Just back from R&R they told me that my engine was missing.  Suprise!!
A closer look at the problem

The Solution! The new engine was installed
and was flying the end of the next day!
This is what is left of an ARVN jeep after hitting a mine.
Two casulties.

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